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Custom Fully Customizable 5 person Bobbleheads With Engraved Text


The complexion is unable to be made 100% the same as a real person, as the characteristics of polymer clay and the actual color after baking will be darker than what you have seen in the picture.


•Please upload a full body shot, due to full body customizable.

•The production scope doesn't include the big decorations of the image, such as tables, chairs, musical instruments, or animals, etc

•The size is the stature of the person standing from head to toe, isn't the actual height of the person while sitting or lying.

•The Stationary Head can make for any hairstyles,and the Bobble Head only can make short hairstyles.

•This item requires 4-9 business days to handcraft.

Please note:

•365 days warranty


Product material:Polymer clay

Product process:Sculpting

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